What Is Love

All love is the highest feeling of well-being and contentment that each of us has ever experienced. So in that regard, it is slightly different for each of us. The reason we can all feel it, is because it is a vibration. And,… because we all feel “something,” and label it love, then love can not be a “specific” vibrational frequency at our level of existence.

The variable nature of the frequency of vibration we each experience, and call love, can span quite a range, when you consider there are close to seven billion people all having some kind of love experience. And so, people’s idea of what love is, are no different from their ideas about what truth, or freedom, or joy are.

All life is vibrational, and “is God,” in just a different form. God is love, and its nature his loving. Therefore, all reality is just a vibrational expression of love. We can now say that, because everything is love, the only variation from one aspect of reality to the next, is in its vibrational frequency.

What is love? Love is “all there is,” (God) continually expressing itself, as some form of vibrationall frequency. The only reason that one aspect of reality on earth feels more loving than another, is because of the vibrationall frequency it represents. The lowest of vibrationall frequencies causes us to feel the least amount of love, and those same frequencies cause the beliefs which spur people on to act in the least loving ways.

The opposite is true of the highest of vibrationall frequencies, which is why people gravitate to the highest, and are repelled by the lowest of vibrationall frequencies.

What is love?

Love is the emotional guidance system that allows each of us to interact with each other at the highest level of reality here on earth.