Just Connect The Dots

We have all experienced the beauty of a bright, cloudless, sunny summer day, with a brilliant blue sky overhead. It feels warm to the skin, and mentally and emotionally energizes us. Everybody you meet on the street, seems to be smiling, and in a good mood, because it is such a great day. Not so however when it has been cool overcast and raining for few days.

The sun seems to have a tremendous impact on the moods of people. We have coined a word for that phenomenon, it’s called S.A.D. “seasonal affective disorder.” Not only the weather seems to affect our moods, but also the gravitational pull of the moon’s lunar cycles affects us, as do life situations in general. In fact, we seem to react to everything in our environment in one way or another. People “seem” to be more reactive than causative when it comes to life,… but that’s really not true. We are all the cause collectively, of all we experience in life.

How can we all feel better most of the time? Well, we can do this by taking control of our emotions, and by being aware of the emotions we are choosing to experience. Have you ever thought of a very funny past experience, and started laughing? How about a very sad experience, which caused you to start crying? Emotions are activated by thought, and maintained by focused thought. Being happy starts with thinking happy thoughts, and continues by focusing on happy thoughts for an extended period of time. This is a habit which can be cultivated, and self reinforced by the fact that, it feels so good when we do it.

Being genuinely appreciative of what we do have, in our experience of life, is the quickest way to get into a great mood. Each of us as many things we can appreciate if we think about it, and appreciation is close to Joy on the vibration will scale of emotions. Being appreciative is the sign of a dominantly positive personality. Why would you desire anything more if you cannot fully enjoy your life as it exists? Have you extracted all the joy your current life situation is able to deliver? Appreciation is all about squeezing all the Joy out of your life, as it exists now. Think about that idea for a moment. We don’t have to go through the mental gymnastics of trying to manifest things, which we think will make us happy in the future. We have things in our life right now that can make us happy,…and they have already been delivered, all we have to do is focus on them. What this means is that, we can be happy anytime we choose, just by being appreciative of our life as it is.

So,… if you’re not happy now, then you’re probably not appreciating the life you already have, and if you can’t appreciate what you already have, what makes you think you’ll be able to appreciate whatever your currently trying to manifest? When it comes to manifesting something joyful in life, you must be Joyful yourself, otherwise your personal vibration, and the vibration of your desire are at odds.

The more joyful you are most of the time, the better position you are in to manifest something you find joyful. Appreciation, joy, a positive personality, and manifestation, are all intimately connected, it’s not rocket science,… just connect the dots.