Put The Question To Rest

The whole question of whether there is an intelligent, energetic, benevolent force, responsible for the design and continuing support of all creation, is only kept alive because people separate their existence from that of God. The fact is that,…if people exist as an energetic, intelligent, benevolent, entity, then so must God, because we are each an aspect of God. This means that the part must be of the same nature and quality as that of the whole, in the same way that a bucket of well water must be equal in “quality” to the rest of the water in the well.

Yes, this might sound like I am talking in circles, saying there is a God because we are God, and we are God, because there is a God, however, maybe you are not familiar with the importance that the circle plays in all of creation. Is it a coincidence that every planet is round instead of square? I think I’ll just let you ponder that one for while.