Values and Beliefs

Values such as faith, hope, charity, loyalty, honesty, kindness, trust, are all lower vibrational harmonics of a higher vibration, which we call love, which in truth, is really God-consciousness. Beliefs, are formed out of values, just as sentences are formed out of words. Values determine the strength of what you believe. The person who values kindness and honesty will have a lot of trouble trying to believe concepts such as, “only the strong survive,” or, “look out for number one.” Values either work to make a belief acceptable to you, or they work to undermined a belief. Therefore, when you cultivate values of the highest order, all your beliefs have to rise as well, otherwise you become totally conflicted. Being peaceful means that what you think, say, and do, never contradict each other. Peaceful people have values that align with their beliefs, and both their values and beliefs, align with law, truth, and reality.