With Regard To Belief

The most important thing in life, is that which sustains life, which is God. The second most important thing in life, is beliefs, especially with regards to what you believe about God.

Now just because people fight and kill each other over their beliefs about God, is not a reason to do away with God, but is instead a reason to align your beliefs with what is true, instead of what you think is true, and in case you haven’t thought about it, there is a distinct and important difference.

Everybody has beliefs, and most people could when asked, tell you “what” they believe, however, very few could tell you “why” they believe what they believe. This is because beliefs require a foundation of knowledge and understanding, based in truth, before they can be accurately and fully explained. Many people do not have this foundational understanding and knowledge, because they did not learn or earn the path to their beliefs, they just adopted them, and adapted them to their life style.

On Earth creation starts from the ground and goes upward from there, in none physical realms, creation starts at the top with God and descends vibrationally. Beliefs that are based in the truth of God, and his created reality, and which are understood fully, lead to actions which benefit all of creation. Not all of Gods truths are fully visible or comprehensible at this level of reality, and so we deal a lot in relative truths. Meaning that many of our highest truths are relative to the truth of God. They are often as close as we can come within the illusion to truth.

So in closing, let me say that a persons beliefs are responsible for the action which forms the world and that having beliefs based on the vibrationally highest of understandings is no small matter.