Life Can Be A-Maze-ing

Life can get confusing at times, and we can find ourselves in a situation of our own creation, not knowing the proper course of action to take that will allow us to extract ourselves from it. We believe we have a problem, and we are not sure how to solve it.

Problems are very interesting,…they are the major motivating forces which cause us to expand and grow. That is because problems can not be solved on the same level of consciousness, that initially created the problem in the first place.

The solution to your problem always resides on a higher vibrational plateau than your present self, and seeking an adequate, or proper solution to your problem, means you will have to become more than the version of you, who got you into this mess.

The solution to solving your problems lies in you moving towards vibrationally higher thoughts, values and actions, allowing you to rise above your problems. Knowing that at any given time you are using the vibrationally highest thoughts, beliefs and actions to solve your problems, restores other people’s, and your own, confidence in your abilities to find a viable solution to your problems.

This information is just a hint at which direction you should be headed, in order to solve your problems. Much more is available, however since everything is one thing, or the same thing, one can not start a discussion about a single topic without moving into an explanation of the whole universe. Everything is tied into everything else. Because of this fact I will just stop here.