A Little Metaphysical Math

Lets do a little metaphysical math,…if:
A = b, and A = c, and A = d then:
b, c, d, are all equal to each other.

This is the basis for the understanding that, “things which are equal to the same thing, are equal to each other.” Now God is equal to love, truth, freedom and joy. Therefore, because those individual attributes are all equal to the one thing, (God), then they are all equal to each other.

Also, out of this understanding we can say that, because love, truth, freedom and joy, are all attributes of the Creator, then anytime one of them appears in conjunction with God, the others must be in attendance also.

The presence of none, one, or some of those attributes, or values, is an indicator that you are not dealing with the vibrationally highest aspect of creation, but are instead experiencing some lower version of it. Nothing about God is partial, but is instead, inclusive of everything and everyone. We are all one.

Now in applying this formula to determine the truth of some idea, value or action, we can see that any God directed idea, value or action must always include love, truth, freedom, and joy, if they are truly from God or the concept is vibrationally high. This obviously leaves a lot of the thoughts, values and actions which are being attributed to God as being lacking.

This realization makes it very easy to get an idea of how vibrationally high or low any thought or belief or action maybe. It is also the reason why those who are in a position of power, will choose to deny the validity of this concept, which it makes it very hard for them to continue to play their smoke and mirrors game with people.