Knowing Good And Evil

Is it possible to know, without a doubt, what is good and what is evil? The answer is yes and no. Always the safe answer, is it not? Good and evil are not specific things, but are generalities, used to describe a range of thoughts, behavior, and conditions. As such, the lines between good and evil are somewhat blurred, and open to speculation and interpretation. If there were one authority, and one interpretation, as to what was good and evil, we would be in better shape, rather than having seven billion sources of interpretation, such as we now have.
Well God is the single source which determines what is good and what is evil!
Sorry, that is not true. If God were to ever explicitly point to some one or something and say, that is evil,…we would have been able to do away with evil long ago. And,…of course if God were to point out all the people who were good,…then those who were not good, must be evil. Of course that would not be the case, if you believed in shades of gray! Then you would not be good,…but you would not be totally bad, so we would hesitate to kill you. Now your into having to make judgments about people, to see where they fall, in the natural order of things, and as soon as you start making judgments, then the possibility of error enters in, and accuracy goes out the window doesn’t it?
All reality is vibrational, and individually unique. Good and evil are generalizations, while all vibrational reality is specific. Thoughts, words, actions, and emotions, are all energy, and so are all vibrational by nature. Vibrations have an unlimited range, both up and down, however physical reality can only work with part of the possible range of vibration. We call the top of the vibrational range love, and the bottom, fear. Evil is loveless activity, and good is love filled activity. So everything is just love, in various ranges of quantity and quality. If you’re looking for specifics, then only the most loving person in the whole world could be called good, and only the most loveless person could be called bad, the rest of us would fall somewhere in between those two parameters. Really then, there is only relative good and relative evil in the world, and who gets to decide which is which?