What Is Most Important In Life

Should another person tell you, what should be important to you? Probably not. You should be able to come to a conclusion about the most important things in life on your own? If we are able to do that, then will our conclusions about the most important values in life, not all be identical? Probably not.

Our answers to that question could be all over the map, revealing the variations in priorities which people hold.

The words “most important,” signify a narrow, limited, field of possibility. It does not imply an endless variation.
What is important in life?
The important thing in life, is that which “sustains life!” If you cannot sustain life, then any argument about which aspect of life is most important, is really a mute question!
So what sustains life?
That which we call the creator, or God, creates all life, and sustains everything it creates. Questions about the existence of God are totally ridiculous. People neither create life, in the largest sense of the word, nor are they able to sustain what has already been created! God on the other hand can, and does, do both. Therefore, God is at the top of my list of what is most important in life, and after that, comes the vibrational reality of love, which covers the whole spectrum of reality.

At the top of my list then, is God who is love itself, and everything else falls within the scope of those two categories,… so in reality, I have included everything, and missed nothing.

I hope this has helped you become more clear about what is important in life.