I Need Proof

Skeptics use the word proof, like it was their mantra, like it is the sword they use to cleave fact from fiction. Let me tell you what your insistence on proof implies. It says,…”I have a limited ability to understand higher concepts. My imagination and ability to deduce things from already available information, is limited also. It implies that I am not trusting, and that I suspect that most people are trying to pull the wool over my eyes.”

Now the other interesting thing is that, those people who require proof, have developed a phrase which says, “the burden of proof is on you.” Of course the actual interpretation of this phrase means, “I’m too lazy or unmotivated to figure this out on my own, so why don’t you just tell me the answer.”

Placing the burden of proof on other people, confirms the idea behind the old saying “the best defense, is a good offence,” so those who require proof, will attack another persons position, because they do not have one of their own. The demand for proof is synonymous with lack of information, and when you bandy the word proof about, all you’re doing is declaring to the world your ignorance about a specific topic.

So go ahead and Mr. or Mrs. Skeptic, continue using the word proof, like it was going out of style. We have our own word we like to use, and it’s called, “clueless!”