My World

Nothing is real or important until it intersects in some way with My World. My World is the common denominator in everything I think say or do. My World is the stage on which my whole life is played out, but you can be a supporting actor, or sit in the audience if you like.

Most of what happens in My World was previously scripted and I’m just living it out, but I can go off script at times if I feel particularly inspired. People on stage with me however, sometimes get very pushy, abrasive, and aggressive, and try to steal the lead. Don’t they know this is My World, and it’s all about me? Let them get their own world, if they want to be the star!

In My World I am always right, and my opinion takes precedence over everyone else’s. The supporting players aren’t too thrilled about not having as many lines to speak as me, but what the hell,… I’m the star! Funny thing though, we are never held over, and my agent tells me he has trouble even getting one night bookings for My World.
Time to get a better agent I think.