Does God Get Angry

Does God get angry, disappointed, disillusioned, displeased, like you and I,… with humanity? Interesting question is it not?

To be any of those states of being, means that God must have a specific way he wants humanity to be,… things he wants us to achieve and do, and things he wants us not to do. So with a plan for humanity all mapped out for us by God,… how does free will enter into this plan? It would seem that, the only will that is free in this scenario is God’s!

I will not go any further with this because the contradictions in this plan are glaringly obvious. If you want to know what my answer to this question is, I would say that God is not an egocentric, neurotic personality, who is tremendously insecure. God is stable, and balanced, which is why everything in nature and the universe works so well.

Anything or person who spends a lot of time working the negative end of the vibrational scale is not well-balanced or stable. And think of this,… with seven billion people now in the world, if  God  did get angry, we would keep him angry all the time, because someone would always be doing something he didn’t like. No my friend, a stable and well-balanced God does not get angry or disappointed.