Being A Skeptic

I come across so many people who are skeptical about one thing or another, or, in some extreme cases, are skeptical about most things. This is an excerpt of something I wrote and I think it is very relevant and makes some very important and valid points about those people who consider being a skeptic as being the way to go. So I am including it here as food for thought, for those of you who enjoy thinking.

Its like crop circles. Ya, a bunch of people with some boards might be able to fake a few crop circles, but just because that is a possibility, does not mean that the hundreds of crop circles produced annually world-wide are, or could ever be faked, especially in light of their size and intricate details.
So much weird stuff going on in the world and so many skeptics. Tell me,…what is the advantage or plus to becoming a skeptic, over being a believer??? I don’t get it,..I just don’t get it. I think it is an ego thing. One can not easily come to the place where they are able to see the illusion for what it really is. It takes some study, and commitment, and faith. I think it is way too much work for people and their ego’s. Then consider what effort it requires to be a skeptic? None, you can be a full-fledged card-carrying skeptic from day one. Being a skeptic doesn’t ask anything of you, or require anything of you, and so they never have any trouble with membership,…unless they start making some demands of their members, then watch them all leave like a flock of geese going south for the winter!