Can We Or Should WE Trust Our Feelings

This will be a fun post, because this is a very important topic, maybe one of the most important topics in all of life.

Now some of you might feel that at times I talk down to you. Well, there is the sense of “feeling” coming into play, isn’t it? I don’t talk down to you. You are where you are, if the information I deliver bothers you, maybe it is because it is radically different from the way you view life. Numbers equal security don’t they? Often times it feels better to retreat back into the place where every one thinks as you do, then to try to venture out on your own into unfamiliar territory. But you know what,…there is no growth in retreat, and not that much satisfaction either, if the truth be told. By now, if you have read much of my writings, you probably know I care less about your feelings than I do about reaching and expressing the highest truth of which I am capable. But feelings are important, very important, they are in fact the most important experience we will have here. So the truth is that feelings, are the reason behind all human endeavor, and if you don’t know or agree with that now, don’t worry about it, someday you will, because there is no other conclusion you can reach, but the truth.

Can you, or should you trust your feelings? What if you do trust your feelings, does that mean “I ” should trust them as well? Maybe you should trust “my” feelings instead! Do you see where all this leads to? Can feelings really be applied to anyone other than ourselves? If you act out of your feelings, aren’t you imposing your feelings on the rest of the world, by acting on them, and acting them out? Can we really then, keep our feelings to ourselves, or do we ultimately end up expressing them through our thoughts, words, and actions with other people?

What creates feelings? If you said emotions you’d be wrong,…you have to stay after class. If you said beliefs, you’d be closer to the truth, and if you said your higher self, you would be bang on. Now the illusion is that beliefs and the higher self seem to be separate things. Well lets look at beliefs this way. Beliefs of the highest order, align with the vibrationally highest aspects of God, who is reality. Therefore, at the highest level of universe reality, belief, truth and God, are all one and the same thing. The higher self is an individuated aspect of God, who is aware of its nature, but is lacking the experience of its nature. Messages from your higher self, are of the highest nature, but first they must be heard, then interpreted, then believed and lastly, they must be acted upon.

So,…everyone has feelings, generated by the beliefs they hold about life. Not everyone’s beliefs are synonymous with truth, and so the error of their beliefs becomes reflected in their feelings and emotions. When you act on your feelings, which are based on erroneous beliefs, then you come into conflict with the world and other people. Feelings of love never cause this problem. Regardless of what caused your feelings of love, when you have them, they reflect the truth of God and his created reality. If everyone felt and expressed love all the time, then the world would be a totally different place. But they don’t and it’s not,… so feelings which have no basis in truth, are what is dragging down the quality of life here for everyone.

The question then is, “should I act on my feelings?” I don’t know, because I don’t know what you believe, and frankly, most people don’t know what they believe also. But here is a clue.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul and your might, and your neighbor, as yourself.

If you can get behind that idea, then you can trust your feelings, and should act on them. If not, then it is an indication that you are still doing a group huddle, with the rest of the worlds fear based thinkers.