Are You A Leader Or A Boss

Lets talk a while about two concepts,… those being the idea of being a boss, versus the idea of being a leader.

In these two very different concepts is displayed the universal reality of force, versus attraction. The idea of force then, is displayed in the concept of “being the boss, ” while the idea of attraction is displayed in the idea of being a leader. The difference being that, a boss may appoint himself to that position, while a leader can only be appointed by those who voluntarily follow him or her. And even though the lines between the two seemed blurred and indistinct, this is only because, just like so many other things in life, the true reality of these concepts has become distorted over time.

All true leaders attract followers through the clarity and accuracy of their thinking, the positive inspirational nature of their expressed thoughts and actions, and in the loving way they treat everyone with respect and equality. They literally make anything other than their leadership, seem less desirable by comparison.

Bosses on the other hand, being for the most part appointed either by themselves, or a few people above them, rely on their position of power in order to motivate people, and get things accomplished. Therefore, the idea of being the leader or being a boss, are both displaying the universal concepts of attraction versus force. The former requiring real people skills, and a good grasp of what makes the world spin, and the later requiring nothing more than power, backed up with negative consequences for those who challenge that power.

In the last analysis, people rise to power through the sheer numbers of their followers, they do not gain followers through the power they have been given. To test the accuracy of this statement, just turn your back to all the people you imagine yourself to be leading.

If when you turn back around later, and find they are still there, then you are a leader, if they have all slunk off somewhere when your back was turned, then you are a boss.