Behind The Obvious Nature Of Injustice

People are always asking God and others about the reasons for the injustices in the world. This may not be what you might consider to be a cheerful topic, but for most people, it is a relatively important topic, that people really need to resolve within themselves. Lets be clear about the question we are trying to answer here, which is really this, “why is the world the way it is?”

Now in our hearts, we all know why and where the injustices stem from. The answer is simple. It is caused by a lack of love. This is the answer in every case, and the answer only varies in the degree of lack.

So the answer to the question, what causes injustice is rather simple, however,…the question as to what to do about it, is a little more complex.

In essence,…people are globally, asking for a unified experience of love, joy, peace, security, health, prosperity, and freedom, and the only difference between people might be, in the varying proportions of those values, that they would like to receive. Now,…people are the key building block, or ingredient if you prefer, of that unified experience, and they exist at all ages, at all levels of education, life experience, and philosophical belief. Therefore, one can not walk through a field ready for planting, spreading seeds of every variety under the sun, and then ask to have just one specific variety of crop grow forth from that planting.

There is just too much diversity tied to this existence, to create the utopian world everyone is asking for. However, let me clarify one point, the only diversity between people which really means anything, is in their level of consciousness. The vibrationally higher you ascend in consciousness, the more you value love, the more loving you become, and the more consistently you interact with people from that place of love.

So,…the real question is not,…”why is the world the way it is?”

The real question is, “why are you, the way you are?” When you change,….the world will change,…one mind, and heart at a time.