Life Is Good

Life is good, wouldn’t you agree?

Why is life good?
Because it holds within it all potential possibility.

What about all the bad stuff?
Well yes,…it’s there also, but let me ask you,…would you intentionally choose the bad stuff?

Well then,… how does the bad stuff apply to you, if you’re not choosing it?

But sometimes it chooses me, without my choosing it!
You are in error my friend.

Although you may not think you are “intentionally choosing” negativity, you are drawing it to you whenever you place your consciousness on it. You may not be vibrationally aligned to negativity, but the more frequently you let your eyes and consciousness rest upon it, the more it is lowering your vibration, causing you to come into alignment with it.

There are a million and one ways that you can align with lower vibrational realities in this world, which go unnoticed by yourself.

Each time you support a war, or laws that support violence, eliminate personal freedoms, suppress truth, and stratify society instead of unifying it, you are siding with lower vibrational energy. You watch violence for entertainment, fill your minds with the negativity portrayed in the news, and newspapers, and yet claim that you are not intentionally drawing negativity to you.

Life is good for those who choose goodness, not only once, but every day, in every way, in each moment of now. That is how life becomes good for you.

So,…If you want all the goodness that life can offer, start choosing it every day, in every way possible. Make goodness the singular option in life,…and you shall have it.