Magnitude And Duration

These two words describe a couple of very important aspects of life. Magnitude, refers to size, mass, or intensity, of something (roughly speaking), while duration is a reference to time.

People have been given physical senses which allows them to interact with, and interpret life. Something to keep in mind is that when your senses are exposed to totally new stimuli, they become excited and sensitive to it. However,…over time, a constant exposure to this stimuli will cause you to lose your sensitivity to it, thereby lessening its physical and mental impact on you.

In order to counter this effect, people resort to many different tactics. The most common course of action people take, is to increase the magnitude of their exposure to that same stimuli.

They turn up the volume on life, by taking bigger doses of alcohol, or drugs, buy bigger cars, bigger houses, take bigger risks with their lives, eat more junk foods,…anything that will gratify the senses and return a bigger kick. This is all geared to increase the stimulation coming their way, but eventually this tactic has its limitations, which eventually are determined by your pocket-book, or your health.

When certain stimulating aspects of life have finally run their course, and have gone as far as they can be taken, then people look around for an alternate source of physical and emotional stimulation. This may take the form of a new hobby, career, or relationship, and once found,…the whole cycle starts all over again.

This is why some people gravitate toward excess. Some people would say that the reason behind this activity is, because the people involved are lacking something inside themselves, which they are trying to fill through this accumulation of “stuff,” or through this drive toward excess. Yet aren’t we all doing this at some level?

Joy and love are the two most important aspects of your being. Are we all not seeking these in everything we are doing? Even things which deaden the “pain” you feel, caused by a lack of love and joy, seem joyful in comparison. Yet even those things which deaden your pain, eventually lose their effect, and need to be increased in continually higher and more frequent doses. Soon excess turns to overdose.

What is the answer? The answer is “awareness.” We are not implying that you are doing anything wrong, we are just saying “be aware of the where these actions can take you, ” and in your awareness, you may be able to see, when and where you are overstepping the boundaries of natural and healthy behaviour.

Awareness then, is the ability to stand outside of yourself, and to look at your behaviour and personal interactions with other people, objectively, and to determine from that, the best course of action to follow that will lead you to the love and joy, you are inwardly seeking.