Today It’s All About Me

Sanora, Aaron, and Blue Cloud,…are you there?

We are here for you now Blain, how can we serve you?

What do you think I should know at this time?

Well, for starters, we would remind you that you are loved,… and that condition will never change. This knowledge allows you to go about your life with confidence in the future, and in a direction that will lead to everyone’s highest good.

Beyond that knowledge, we would say that the heightened vibrational energy the planet is now experiencing, is working it’s magic, bringing greater joy to those who are aligned to it. Darkness is being brought to the light where it can be uplifted and healed. Some of this healing, will of course, result in the translation of those who are vibrationally too far from the new energy, to adapt to it in this lifetime.

For the rest of you, thoughts and unresolved issues which have been causing you to withhold your love, will be brought centre stage, so that they may be bathed in this new energy, and healed.

All of this we have spoken of before, however, reviews serve a good function, allowing you to feel comforted in the fact that, you are still on track to each others highest good.

As for you personally,…we would say that you would benefit by reaching deeper within yourself, possibly through meditation, and draw out from that place deep within, all those negative hurtful memories which may be buried under a lifetime of daily living. Look at each one separately, turn it over, roll it around, look at it for what it is, which in all probability is a response to life on your and other people’s part, caused by ignorance of higher universe values, and an alienation from your higher self.

Put these to rest, drain them of their negative emotional content, but retain the memory. When these memories can be assessed without stimulating within, any negative emotion, then your exercise is complete. Keep working away on the improvement to your health, it is a work in progress. The important thing to remember about your health is this.

Everything is energy. When you think a thought, consider the energy level of that thought. When you read a book, watch a movie, read a news paper, or watch a tv show, consider the vibrational nature of the energy you are about to align yourself with. When you eat or drink something to sustain your being, consider the nature of the energy you are putting into your body.

We can not , and will not tell you what to do with your life, but if your goal is to be the best you can be, then that goal would be reached by aligning yourself with the best energy available to you. For many of you, the challenge that exists in your lives is that you have aligned your pleasure centres with negative phenomenon, so that your pleasure now originates from activities, thoughts, and foods which are vibrationally low, and in some cases, incompatible with who and what you are.

Just because you can think, do, or swallow something, does not mean that you should!

Your brains have been trained to enjoy certain aspects of life which are vibrationally low. To achieve your goals, you must train your brain to enjoy vibrationally higher choices, with regards to life. To do this one must first face in the direction they want to go, then head out in that direction Make a start, and when you regress,…and you will,…just laugh and realize that you have caught yourself reverting back to old behaviours, and head out again in the right direction. Do this in the same way that you would make continual course corrections, using a compass while out on a hike.

You would not berate yourself for wandering off course in the woods, so don’t do it in life,…it serves no purpose, just re-establish your goal, and head out in that direction each time you deviate from it, and you will eventually get there.

We have painted your request with a broad brush stroke, however, we hope this has served you well. Can we be of further assistance to you my son?

No, thank you all, that was great.

Your most welcome, now we will retire. Good day to you my son. Peace be unto you,…and love.