As in everything, there is controversy surrounding God. What can Man know of God? Some would say nothing, or very little. Those people who hold to this view of course, tend to be those who experience life predominantly through emotions, meaning what? That we can only come to know God on an emotional level?

I don’t think so! One can not know God emotionally, with any more ease or accuracy than on an intellectual level. Of course it goes without saying that, we will always tend to use our own inner strengths. But don’t forget,…thinking that you can’t do something leads where? Why, to not doing it of course.

Consider the idea that one can come to know God much easier or completely on an “emotional” level, as opposed to trying to match wits with God. This is an error in thinking.

First of all, there is only one reality, and that reality is “energy,” expressed as vibration. So to see God as part emotion and part intellect, is to come into contact with energy of different vibration, which has taken some form.

One could not more easily come into intimate contact with the emotional energy of the Creator, than they could come into intimate contact with the intellect of the Creator. The Creator is energy,…period,… and the vibrational capacity of the Creator is far greater than the capacity of the created. You could not see God or hold within yourself, the vibrational state necessary to be on an equal footing with God.

Discussions about intellect verses emotion are just that,…discussions, they rarely have any basis in fact. If you want to start Talking about God, then lets talk energy. Not very warm and fuzzy you say. Well then lets say it’s energy with a personality, a loving personality, a smart loving personality.

Life is not this or that, rather, it is this “and” that and so is God. God is energy, represented as life, and that life is represented by intellect and emotion, working side by side within you to make you whole