Natural Law

When one is talking about “natural” law, it can be said that, “law is a reflection of consistent action.” Humanity has the whole concept reversed however, believing that the introduction of some law, will “induce consistent action” within people.

People act from their beliefs. If you believe that you can do whatever you want with impunity, then that is what you will do. If you have determined that loving actions, and everyone’s highest good is the ultimate choice, then that is also what you will do.

Laws do not alter beliefs, they restrict actions,…or so people think. Something that is of the highest order, works all the time, every time, for every one, that is what defines it as being vibrationaly high. That is why the sun comes up everyday, why gravity exists equally everywhere, and why nature is impartial. It is why your heart beats regularly for a lifetime.

Would you like instead, for your heart to work with the same effectiveness as the laws we enact?

When you deeply desire to drive safely, you will,…when you deeply desire to work safely, you will. When people deeply desire to have peace, they will, but until that deep desire is supported by healthy beliefs about the nature of life here on Earth, and reality in general, people will continue to enact laws trying to force the cooperation of people, instead of attracting it.

Consider our educational system. Would you send your child to a school that induced severe penalties, such as fines, and forcible confinement for not learning?
No?…Then why do we do it to adults? What’s wrong is wrong, and what’s right is right,…what does age have to do with it?

Two plus two equals four,…or does that change with your age?

The most sophisticated laws created, are not very sophisticated at all. We have created a whole mystique around law, mostly so those in power can continue to be in power. Natural laws exist and serves everyone equally, can the same be said of all of our laws? Of course not.

So in closing, I will say once more that, consistent action, is a law unto itself. Laws have never been able to induce consistent action within humanity, and never will. A deep desire to serve the common good, is the only thing that will create a sense of consistency and continuity within humanity.