What Is Truth

(re blogged)

If everyone knows the truth, and every one has the truth, why do so many people hold such divers opinions, with regards to life?

Truth is equal to universe reality, as it was and is being created and upheld by our creator.

This being the case, it is accurate to say that truth and the creator are synonymous. Now God is a completed work in much the same way that your physical body seems to be complete. Yet we all know that even though you look much the same from day-to-day, inside you are continually undergoing change. God is the same way. The creator is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, yet within the reality that is the creator, there is continual change and development taking place. Therefore while the total nature of God is one of changeless truth at the very highest levels of universe reality, at everything below that vibrational level, there is continual change and expansion occurring. And so we have coming out of that reality, the idea of “evolutional truth,” born out of the continual development of consciousness.

Humanity has always been engaged in the development of consciousness, and so everyone is experiencing the nature of evolutional truth. This means that what humanity holds to be true today, may not be true one hundred years from now, when we have experienced larger realities, and have come to alternate conclusions as a result of that experience.

Out of this idea of evolutional truth, we can see that some people will be lagging behind in their concepts of what constitutes truth, and some people will be well ahead of the curve with regards to recognizing higher vibrational realities, leaving the rest of humanity somewhere in the middle.

The only consciousness that knows the total truth, is GOD, who is the creator of that truth. Now another aspect of GOD’S nature is love, and so in determining the truth of anything, you may also check a thought or action with regards to its truthful nature, by how closely it aligns to the reality of love. Therefore things which are equal to the nature of the creator, are equal to each other, especially love, truth, joy and freedom.

Consider for a moment a hypothetical situation where you had to live your whole life without one of those four concepts. Which one could you do without? It would be a very tough unpleasant choice, would it not? As far as the true nature of truth is concerned, it has always been a static stationary unchanging reality. It is humanity who is moving ever closer towards truth, whose true nature is GOD.