The Law Of Attraction And Inclusion

Here is an interesting thought.

As one looks around at all that is going on in life, it can be seen that there is much occurring that one would not want to make a part of their experience. However, there is nothing in your awareness that you are able to exclude from your life.

The creator holds within itself all knowable reality, and nothing exists outside of it. Therefore, GOD is inclusive of all that is.

Inclusion then, is an attribute of the creator, as is love, which is a vibrational representation of all reality. Inclusion by definition means “everything,” and while exclusion may, at the dualistic level of physical reality, represent the opposite of inclusion, at higher levels of awareness there is no such reality as exclusion.

At higher level of awareness, life just is, and all things are.

Everything in reality is an energetic vibrational expression, of a specific frequency, magnitude and type, which defines it’s nature. Love then, is the total nature of all life, expressed vibrationally.

What this means is that love is inclusive by nature, and that is exactly what we find to be true at the highest levels of reality.

Every person lives in a co-created physical reality, and so it is not possible or even desirable to exclude anything from this environment, for the reason that all co-created reality are merely props within the play that you are experiencing, and a play with no props would be far less functional and entertaining. You may however, select and include more of what appeals to you into your life, and since inclusion is in line with the natural order of things, that action will work.

An individual can only think one thought at a time therefore, focusing on what you “do want” is the beginning to including more of that into your life, while focusing on what you “don’t want” is also the beginning of including more of that into your life.

Because there is no such reality as exclusion, the greatest single factor of creating more of what you like has to do with what you are placing your focus on.

The law of attraction then is dominated by the reality of inclusion, and is activated and controlled principally by what and where you are placing your focus.

Now you can understand why fighting anything is a choice to place your focus on what you don’t want, thinking that some how you are working towards what you do want. Even if it was somehow true, it would still be the long way around to your goal!

Realize that what you don’t want only exists for the purpose of deciding what you do want in life. Once you have made your decision about what you want, that is what you should focus on in order to achieve your goal in the most joyous way possible.

We hope this aids your creative en devours.

Love, peace, and joy, unto you and yours.