A Question

If God changed its mind about its goals and priorities for Creation, as often as you and I change our goals and priorities, about the direction our lives should take, what do you think the outcome would be?

Can you see the value in making a few quality choices, with regards to your life, and sticking with them?


My Consciousness

Is my consciousness my own, or God’s?

Our consciousness is that part of God consciousness, which believes that it is separated from God.

How can that happen?

This can happen via “frequency,” by giving the consciousness of humanity a unique frequency range to operate and communicate within.

This means that we can communicate with the Creator, because our ranges of frequency overlap to a certain degree. We do not however, have total access to the frequency range of the Creator, and therefore, can not know anything outside our current vibrational range of frequency. Of course, that is not to say that certain individuals could not have an enhanced natural ability to communicate outside the normal available channels.

Ascension is the vibrational expansion of all consciousness. For humanity, it occurs when you consciously and consistently, choose the highest vibrational response to life in every situation.

The vibrationally highest response, is one of love, and so the more loving you consistently become, the higher your vibration and the more your frequency expands in range. This allows you to commune with God on a more expansive level, and gives you access to higher knowledge that was previously outside your vibrational frequency range.

All of this allows you to know more of what your Creator knows, and to express it, as your Creator would express it.