With seven billion people on the planet, life abounds with endless opportunities to meet new people, see new sites and try new things. potentially, the number of things we have not done, or may never do, is staggering. With all this diversity and opportunity, your choice to focus on anything, means that it has a heightened importance in your life, otherwise it would not have captivated your attention.

This means that, those things which have caught our eye and interest, should be scrutinized to determine their relative significance in our lives. Of course not all things which cross our path will have deep meanings for us, but much of it will, and some of it may enhance our lives greatly, just because we paid a little closer attention to it than usual, and gave things a chance to unfold and develop.

What we are really talking about here, is a heightened awareness and sensitivity to certain aspects of life, based on the idea that a percentage of these interactions, will be more than just random events. Many of them will have been orchestrated by our higher self, as part of our process.

Are we talking about intuition here? Well first and foremost we are talking about awareness, which is a definite stepping stone to intuition. Once you have increased your awareness in all areas of your life, then you will have developed the concentration necessary to listen to your intuition, and eventually develop the trust in it that, will render it useful to you.

Isn’t intuition just something that pops into my head? Yes, and it is something that pops right out again, if you give it no recognition whatsoever.

Our minds are continually filled with endless chatter all day long, and trying to pick out significant thoughts which may be intuitive messages from your higher self, can be very difficult for a mind lacking practice in this area. It is a skill that can be developed with practice however.

Step one in this process is learning that you have a higher self, and that it is in intimate communication with you at all times. Step two is to pay attention to little insignificant details, which you might normally overlook. Don’t be looking for big banners and flashing lights, announcing a forthcoming message from your higher self, it rarely works that way. And lastly but most importantly, pay attention to your feelings, what are they telling you, learn to trust your feelings.

They may occasionally steer you wrong, but more often than not, you will (with a little practice), find that you are usually right. Most people would quickly agree that they have an inborn sense of right and wrong, but can not easily define the source of this knowledge. Well, guess what, no,…better yet, guess who, is the source of that knowledge?

You guessed it, your higher self. Now if you said your soul, then you were partially right, it is your “oversoul,” who is your higher self. They are one and the same. And this knowledge does not just come down to you based on one trip around the block, but on hundreds or thousands of trips. We all have a genius on call 24/7 and don’t realize it. But now you know, and now you can start tapping into this wealth of information, if you haven’t already started to do so.