A Love Without Conditions

Love without conditions is an often talked about concept. It was well written about in a book by Paul Ferrini, an author whose books I have greatly enjoyed, (http://www.paulferrini.com/).

What does it mean to love without conditions? It means that, from the point of view of the person who is extending love to another, there is nothing anyone can ever do that, would make you alter the vision and the knowledge about who, and what that other person really is.

It is love freely given that, is not based on any kind, or level of performance by another party. It is love that does not require any reciprocation in kind.

It is a kind of love that, can not be detracted from, because of outside conditions or circumstances. It is a love that, is always full and never lacking, a love that is extended to all, and not just the worthy. It is a love that is boundless, infinite in its energy, and limitless in its extension.

It is the truth about love. And,…because it is the truth, it is equal to the nature of all truth, who is “I AM,” the Creator, or if you prefer,… God.

There is more to it than I have spoken of here, but I believe that you get the idea. For more detailed insight, why don’t you give one of Paul’s books a spin, and take a more in-depth look at the topic.