Tell Me Again How Good WE Have It

Lets look back.

When we had old technology, we had our milk, butter, eggs, bread, donuts, and even beer delivered to the house. When we filled up at the gas station, the attendant would ask how much, pump the gas, wash the windshield, check the oil, rad fluid, tranny fluid, belts and tire pressure.

When we called someone on the phone, if they were there, we would actually get a “real” person, from your own country!

If the power went out in the store while you were shopping, they would just tally it on paper, take your cash, and enter it later into the register, and prior to that, the register worked all the time, hydro, or no hydro.

In days gone by, we used to get two or three personal letters for every bill, in our mail box, now it’s just the bill and junk mail repository.

Back when stores brought in stock every week or every two weeks, if it wasn’t on the shelf, then it would be in the back room, now if it;s not on the shelf, your out of luck.

Back when paper was king, you never had to worry about your pencil, pen or typewriter getting a virus.

When you went to the movies as a kid, they played double features, and you could sit and watch them all day if you wanted to, now it’s one movie and out the door you go.

Tell me again how good we have it. I need to be continually reminded.