How Best To Express Anger

Is it proper to express anger?

Well I would not say proper is the correct word, necessary might be a better choice. When you put something in your mouth that tastes terrible, do you swallow it, or spit it out?

Anger is similar. It is something that should not be there, but if it is, you are better off getting rid of it, than swallowing it.

What is the best way to express anger?

In non life threatening situations the most appropriate way to express anger, is in a way that does not offend people, break laws or destroy property. Anger is about “expressing emotion,” therefore, when you are angry, never do anything that you would not do when you are expressing other emotions, such as joy.

Each emotion does not have its own set of expressive rules, therefore, there is no special dispensations given to the expression of the emotion of anger, over say that of joy. Anger then, is not a justification for antisocial behavior, “unless you think it is,” and if you do,…therein lies the problem.

If you hold that belief then, anger is not your problem, but rather all the ideas that you hold, that revolve around the idea of anger are the problem. With a different set of values, you would not even be angry!

Ultimately, we are talking about how to express something which should not be there in the first place. Instead of focusing on how best to handle your anger, you would be better of to focus on how to eliminate anger as response to anything, then you would not need to know, how best to deal with it.