Your Beliefs

It is a fact, that your individual life experiences, have forged your present personal belief system, of how you think the world does, or should work. And,… it is equally true, that this same equation is hard at work in the lives of those friends, acquaintances and family members, with whom you are so intimate.

The combined life situations of the various individuals on the planet, mixed with the infinite number of possible physical reactions to those stimuli, make for an endless number of variable belief systems, formed in an attempt to deal with those same circumstances.

Belief systems are like snowflakes, in that no two are ever completely alike.

A person’s total life experience, is the foundation of their personal belief system. This fact alone, contributes to the various beliefs individuals hold, and accounts for the many positions held, by any number of individuals, in regards to the same issue.

All people act out of their personal belief system, which can be very expansive, allowing them to comfortably work with a very broad range of people. Or,… their belief system might be very narrow, and limiting, which will restrict the amount of people they can comfortably relate to, or interact with.

Beliefs are the integration of your thoughts, into a harmonious, structured, organized plan for cooperatively getting along with your environment, that you might better meet all your survival needs.

When you are young, and in the early stages of learning, your beliefs are formed quickly, and easily. Later as you advance in years, new beliefs form more slowly, and changing a belief you have held most of your life, can be a challenge, especially if it is a hidden belief, held in your subconscious mind.

Nature allows us to equip ourselves, quickly, and easily, with what we need to know to survive as children, then seems to slow the process down to a crawl, in our later years. One important reason for this, is to prevent us from changing our mind about our beliefs, every time someone presents a valid argument for a particular cause, otherwise our beliefs would become so unstable, as to make us insane.

When an individual, is out of touch with their divine origin, spiritual reality, and strengths, there exists the possibility that they may fail to have confidence in the decisions made, using their belief system, and that individual may develop a tendency to defer to the directives and opinion of others,… and, as so often happens when you give your power away, you may not like the results of that decision.

The key to a healthy working belief system, is to come to realize which of your beliefs are working for you, and which ones are holding you back, and retarding your personal growth.

This action may be natural for an introspective personality, and not so natural for everyone else. For most people, as long as they view themselves thinking, and acting, in the same manner as the majority of the population, they see nothing that reflects back to them, the fact that they might have a problem.

Your beliefs constitute your personal guidelines, and structured plans for survival, happiness, and your boundaries for living. It is most often the boundaries that you have put in place, via your belief system, that causes you friction with other people, and denies you the joys of life, because many of them lie outside what you believe to be possible, and thereby, do you unconsciously restrict your own growth, and future joy.

When it comes to manifesting your desires or goals from thought, the power of belief, and the consequences of disbelief, are vastly underrated in most processes which are given, as a means of creating your desires. “Like vibrations attract”, and until your personal vibration, or consciousness, becomes a vibrational match to your goal, it can not come to you.

Since your personal vibration, “equals the sum total of your beliefs”, it is true that your beliefs, and your personal vibration, are not two different things, “they are the same thing”!

Therefore, “total belief” in your ability to reach your goal, equals “zero resistance,” and one hundred percent vibrational alignment to your goal, which equals the optimal frame of mind, and state of being for any individual who is trying to create a specific goal.

“Partial belief,” represents a gap or “misalignment,” between what you now believe about your desire,… and what you must believe, in order to be in one hundred percent alignment with it. The more doubt you have about your ability to manifest your goal, the wider the gap you must close, in order to come into alignment with your desire. The larger the goal you set for yourself, the greater the probability, that there will exist a gap of significant proportions, that will need to be bridged, in order to reach your goal.

It is likely that small goals, will result in much smaller gaps, that can more easily be bridged with some effort. Each success that you achieve, will then act as a reinforcement in your belief system, and not a stumbling block to your efforts. Also, if you have significant problems achieving a small goal, which is easy, and believable, how much more troublesome, would a very large goal be to you?

Belief is like a light switch, that continually remains off until something occurs in your life, that tips the scales in favour of change, then from that point forward, your belief is forever changed, and now works to support your activities.

Your best approach, is to work within the confines of what you believe to be true for “you,” while at the same time, being open to those possibilities which would expand your beliefs to a higher, and more inclusive level.

It is a truth, that you already know everything there is to know, and so there is no lack in you, however, it is also true, that because of the way things work with regards to the reincarnational process, you do not “remember,” all that you know! This leaves many people feeling inferior, and unworthy, without just cause.

Let it be known, that if you desire to reach a goal that resonates to a significantly higher vibration than your own, something will have to change, and I can assure you, that the universe will not lower it’s standards, just to accommodate you!

It will be necessary on your part, to rise to become a vibrational match to your goal, and if that means altering what you believe, as part of the process of coming into vibrational alignment with your goal, (and I can assure you, it will be), then so be it.

Don’t think of it as having to learn something new, just think of it as remembering something you already know, but have temporarily forgotten, for I can assure you that you already know it all,… you just don’t remember that you do!

There is no getting around the reality of beliefs. You either believe something to be true, or you don’t. The only person you’re kidding, by not admitting to the truth of what you believe, or don’t believe, is yourself. If you are seeking one of the key factors, in the process of creating physical reality from thought, then you have found it in the concept of “belief”.

Finally as a last consideration, bear in mind that generally speaking, an individual’s life is a continual progression of thought, action, and experience. Therefore, just as you have outgrown much of what constituted, the daily activities, and interests, of your youth, so to should you have moved beyond the boundaries, which formed your belief system in those times.

Life is change, expansion, and progression, therefore, if your beliefs are progressing along with the rest of you, then your probably right on track.