Sanora on God Realization

Sanora are you there?

Yes, greetings my son, how may we serve you at this time?

Sanora, can you talk to me about God realization?

Most defiantly, a fine topic, which we hold most dear to our heart.

God realization is for the most part, a process where one gains access to the knowledge held within the over-soul, about the nature of ones self and God.

Much of what you receive in the physical world, in the way of knowledge and insight, is achieved quickly, like a burger, shoved across the counter at you in one of your fast food restaurants. You place your order, and are in receipt of it shortly thereafter. Consequently, most information on the Earth plane can be had with a minimum of time and effort involved.

This is not the case with information that lies outside the Earth plane. That information exists at a vibrational frequency that is different from your own. Therefore, a vibrational bridge based on frequency, must be built between yourself and the information held within your over-soul, in order for you to be in receipt of it.

This appears to be too much work to those whose interest in God is only a mild curiosity. Thus, it is that, those who have a real deep desire to connect with God at some level, find it pleasant work to build this bridge to their higher self. While those who want what they want,”now,” with a minimum expenditure of effort, find this whole process requires too much commitment, and is too tedious for their liking.

God realization is not so much a revelation, as it is a process. One can not comfortably align with or endure vibrational levels far above one’s own. The right of purification, is really the vibrational alignment to the highest values and nature of God. It is a process which all of humanity is engaged in, whether they know, or admit to it or not.

Therefore, one’s acceptance or denial of the Creator is irrelevant to the existence of the process itself. One may deny the process for many incarnations, but we remind you that with each incarnation you are building a vibrational direction and momentum, that will lead you to wherever you are headed.

And,…if you are headed toward increasing negativity, that will be your lot in life until you reach a state where, your life becomes so intolerably negative that you no longer can endure it, at which time you will of your own accord, start seeking out that which you have previously ignored.

It is a perfect process, which you did not create, can not control, and can not opt out of. This lack of ability to control of course, drives the ego crazy, which is the initial cause of its rebellion toward the whole process.

In closing then, God realization is the beginning of the relinquishment of the ego as the sole directing force in your life, and entails the acceptance of a higher other world authority. It is a process that causes you to become more sensitive to the vibrational nature that lies outside physical reality, and it leads to an increase in communication and transfer of knowledge between yourself and your over-soul.

From God’s perspective, you are all God realized beings.

Have we served you well my son?

Yes, that was great Sanore, thanks.

Your most welcome, now, if there is nothing further, we will take out leave.
Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.


Sanora on The Heart

Sanora, are you there?

Yes, greetings my son, we are here for you now. How are you keeping on this cold winters morning?

Fine thank you.

How then, may we be of service to you today my son?

What information can you pass along to me, that would be of benefit?

In response to your inquiry, we would say that your ability to be continually in touch with your emotional nature, would be of benefit to you.

In modern society, there is a greater tendency for people to live from the mind, instead of from the heart. This creates a great degree of emotional detachment from the proceedings of life. As a result of this dissociation of yourselves from the everyday aspects of life, you are able to minimize your personal involvement with them, and their impact on you.

There is no judgment in this, you are free to do what your mind directs you to do, however, you might notice that when you look upon these conditions and circumstances, your heart sends you a different message.

Your mind might be saying “pass on by, this has nothing to do with us,” while your heart might be saying, “what a poor soul, someone should do something for them.” In this you are conflicted, and it creates within you a form of mental and physical tension, which did not previously exist.

Now, the minds answer to this dilemma, is to increase its amount of detachment toward life, as a means of shielding itself and the body from unnecessary stress. This works, and allows the mind to operate with a minimal amount of intrusion from the external circumstances of life. While this may be a somewhat effective strategy, one can not distance themselves from life, without doing the same to people. This strategy is then, a form of inoculation against life, via isolation from people.

Again, there is no judgment in all of this, but maybe you can see the effect it has on society. Had the Creator desired people to be single-minded, then people would not have been given an emotional side to their personality. The question then becomes “what good is it to be in possession of something you neither recognize or use?”

The minds solution to world conditions, is to ignore them,…a viable tactic under certain conditions. This however, comes at the expense of another part of you, and because you are merely trading one part of you for another, you really gain nothing.

The mind is concerned with survival, but the heart knows that it is immortal, and is concerned with values and emotion. And so, within the person that is you, there is a balance that needs to be maintained, between the mind who is concerned about the “quantity” of life, and the heart, which is focused on the “quality” of life. Working together in a balanced way, assures that the objectives of both will be met.

When you are out of balance, the processes of life stop functioning, and the quality of life becomes negatively impacted. In the end, one must ensure the maintenance of life, in order to have something good to live for. Mind and heart must work together, yet this does place undo responsibility, and an increased workload on those whose hearts are fully functional, making them feel obligated to pick up the slack created by those who are living primarily from the mind.

The current workload for those living from the heart then, is enormous,…greater than it need be if everyone were living in a balanced state. The pendulum is starting to swing the other way, but it will require more time in order to alter the patterns formed by generations of emotionally numb people.

In the meantime, those people who are living from the heart are advised not to drain their energy and personal resources to the point where they themselves become unable to help anyone.

Above all, remember that thought (mind) plans the experiences, that creates the emotion (heart) which you feel and take with you as emotionalized memory into the next life. Therefore, neither are expendable.

Have we served you well my son?

Yes, very well thank you Sanora.

Your most welcome. Now, if there is nothing further, we will take our leave
Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.