Establishing Your Worth

Establishing Your Worth
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. Albert Einstein
When one is seeking success in the material world, it would be hard to arrive at a satisfying level of success if a person has not established clearly in their mind their worth.
Time in each life is a precious commodity, however, its value must be established on an individual basis by each person. Once this has been done then, you are always in a position to determine whether you are receiving adequate compensation in return for the time you have expended.
Most people have not established a clear picture in their mind as to what their time is worth, and as a consequence, often accept levels of compensation far below what they could receive.
They have in effect looked to the world to reflect back to them what their worth is, and of course because the world is primarily engaged in a competitive economy, the compensation that the world extends has a tendency to move downward, thereby reducing not only the compensation, but the feeling of self-worth an individual feels.
Self worth is established by the self, and if you desire to be a success in life, one needs to have a very unshakable belief, and clear picture of their own self-worth, for if you as a person do not hold in your own mind, an idea of the value of your self-worth, then others certainly will try to place an arbitrary value on it for you, and you will probably not find that value very agreeable.
A good question to ask is “how can I receive my full worth in an economy that is so competitive, with so many people out of work?”
Our answer to that question would be that things and outcomes are established first in the invisible world of thought, and from there, make their way out into the physical world. Therefore, you are never at the mercy of a competitively based economy unless you believe that you are, in which case that will be the result that your mind will create.
Even your belief that you must work for another person, instead of working for yourself is a belief that you hold to, which has an impact on your worth.
People who you would consider successful, have constantly expanded the idea of their self-worth, and often those who have lost all the physical trappings of success, and who have regained it again in short order, have done so because they had complete knowledge of their worth, and moved directly into that mental image of themselves, which once more manifested itself as an established fact.
And so we are saying here in this chapter that, if formally successful people can repeat past successes because of the mental image they hold in their minds about their true worth, then it would probably be of great benefit to most people to establish a level of worth for themselves that, they can both believe and be happy with.