What Is The Most Important Spiritual Truth

What is the most important spiritual truth?

This question is an attempt to bring the truth of God’s created reality, down to our level of understanding.

What is the answer?

The answer is this.

Consider the internal workings of a fine swiss made pocket watch, of a type that would have been made at the turn of the last century. Which part within that watch is the most important?

Which part “within” that watch is the “least”important, in that you could do without it?

The answer is none. There are no excess, functionless parts within that watch. All parts within that watch serve a function. Remove one thing, and it stops working.

God’s created reality is the same.

All things within God’s creation are perfect, and are serving their function. Remove one thing, and creations function would be as impaired as that watch.


The Eternal Now

This is going to be a fun post. Why,… because I have pulled these thoughts out of somewhere not readily definable. Yes,… I am winging it, if you want to call it that.

What is the eternal now moment? It is the idea of no-time. All time being now. One can not however, combine the two ideas, concepts or reality, of time and no-time. The one defies the reality of the other. Where no-time exists as a condition of reality, time can not exist.

The same can be said of eternity, which is a word symbol used to describe, not an infinite amount of time, but rather, timelessness itself.

What is the reality behind the idea of the concept of bigger or smaller? It is a scaling up or down of a quantifiable reality/ Time can not be scaled up or down in the same way as physical reality, because time is not physical, it is a no-thing (nothing). It is a theory, an idea, a concept, a tool.

Being an idea, it exists in consciousness. In all probability it originates in God-consciousness, the source of all knowledge and awareness. Time, being a concept, can not exist separately from consciousness. Consciousness which can use the concept of time, must be self-aware, capable of manipulating matter. Matter must exist to give time both purpose, and definition.

A singular, self-aware consciousness within the void, would have no need, or use for time. In fact, without physicality, time could not exist. Time is a relational concept, and must be relative to something other than itself, in order for a relationship to exist.

In an environment of no-time, thoughts and their materialization are simultaneous. Why is that?

It is because thoughts, being the primary creative force throughout creation, are never partial. Try having half a thought, or a quarter of a thought or a third of a thought. Thoughts are always complete, therefore, the thought of a desire must have both the question (desire) and the answer (manifested reality) within it to be complete.

This means that because your thoughts are always complete, the problem and the answer are always created simultaneously together.

For this to occur a law must be governing this natural process, otherwise this process would vary throughout creation, and not be consistent. Law is equal to consistency, that is what natural law is.

If then, all creative efforts are completed with the asking, then creation itself works under a simultaneous request /compliance model. This means that there is no separation between the asking and receiving, the creation and the completion, the starting and the stopping. Therefore, logically, creation was over, the exact same instant it was created.

“ Even before you ask, the answer has been given,” (paraphrased).

In A Course In Miracles Jesus says that when the separation occurred, the solution was created simultaneously. This illustrates the idea of the problem/solution existing together.

Sin does not exist, because it paints a picture of a problem with no solution. Unless of course you believe that God having himself nailed to the cross, represents the best solution the Creator could come up with. Some how I think the Creator has a lot more creative potential than that, however, that is a personal opinion of one.

From the information I have shared with you here, you can see that a creation or universe with an endless yearning and no satisfaction, would not be a very balanced creation. Asking and receiving then, would be in line with keeping all things in balance.

This post leaves many unanswered questions, because this is as far as my thinking has been able to take me. I hope you at least found it entertaining.