A Fresh Perspective On Reality

This post is for those of you who are neutral to positive, about the concept of reincarnation.

Lets look at some fresh perspectives which could be possible, that would dramatically alter the way you might look at the world around you.

If you are born as an Indian, African, Russian, or any nationality, or any skin colour, there is a tendency to look backward in time at the history of a race and say “this is my history,…those were my people, my ancestors.”

Why is that?

In reality, you might not reincarnate for hundreds of years between lives (if you wanted), and not into the same race, or on the same continent.

Some things in reality are fixed, but most things are open to choice. Your idea that whatever you are now, is what you always have been, or will be, is erroneous.

The type of person you hate today, you may very well have been, in a not too distant past. Reincarnation ensures complete experience of the physical, and you can hardly be complete in experience if you have been one thing only.

So,… much hatred and fear is due to ignorance about the way life really works, for if you knew the possibility existed that you were, or could have previously been, just like the person you currently despise, how would that knowledge alter your current attitude?

People have accepted a whole paradigm of reality as it has been passed down to them, without a lot of questions as to why they should believe any of it.

The beauty of religion is that you can incorporate all aspects of life into it , and from there, control everybody with your doctrine. Have you noticed that there have always been Gods around in some form or another?

When have we ever been without someone we had to answer to?

A people’s history may extend back thousands of years. That does not mean that all that history was yours. Maybe some of it was, …probably a lot of it wasn’t. And the farther back you go in history, the more unified the world gets, because there were fewer people.

Whether your white Anglo-Saxon, or an Aboriginal native, don’t look down on each other, because you can not be sure your roles weren’t reversed only a few generations ago. It certainly is not a case of “once white, always white.” or,…”once native always native.” To think that way is pretty simplistic,…too simplistic to have any basis in reality.

And so in closing we are saying, don’t condemn others for what you yourself have probably been or done. We are all wearing costumes and playing roles, but after the performance, there is a big cast party where everyone hangs out and laughs about all the crazy stuff we did during the play.

Be responsible, but not so serious,…lighten up just a little, and try to see beyond just the obvious, to those things which may be, and probably are.