Moving With The Times


We are about to enter what could potentially be, the best year in all our known history.

Now I am not going to make predictions, however, if you were to ask me what I thought was in store for us in the coming year(s) ahead, I would say this.

I am expecting more of what we have been experiencing,…possibly at an increased rate, because were are going through a process, which, (as far as I know), is not over, and certainly did not end on December 21 2012.

In the year to come, you will not be required to be an activist, instead it would be better if you decided to support those beliefs and activities that you agree with, and to withdraw your support from, and participation in, those aspects of life that you do not agree with.

Fighting anything is no longer a requirement, (unless you are backed into a corner, and circumstances leave you little choice), other wise, it is always best to focus on what you “do want,” and to keep your mind off of what you “don’t want.”

We might all benefit this coming year, by deciding to plug all the leaks that are draining all the joy and love out of our lives. More money and love in the world would be nice, however, until we are all using our current resources to our maximum benefit, and their potential, any additional resources would only be squandered.

It is first and foremost, about effectively utilizing what we do have, before we start asking the Creator for more.

Remember that one of the most important laws that affect our lives, is the “law of momentum.” This natural law is why things which are going well, only get better, and things which are not going so well, get worse. This law is only affected by an intervention of energy of sufficient proportion, to slow, halt, or reverse, the momentum previously created.

Therefore, it benefits us all, to sit down occasionally and take inventory regarding the momentum we have built up, and in order to determine which direction it is carrying us.

If we don’t like the answer, then we need to do an about-face and start moving in the direction of our highest good. Lets get on our own side, and start using our minds to achieve what we do want, and keep our minds off what we don’t want.

Much will be happening in the forthcoming year, and as always, the media will be shoving many low vibrational world events in our faces.

Will you support this activity (which is financially motivated), by participating in “their agenda,” or will you decide to continue to place your attention on higher vibrational pursuits, in order that you may achieve your “own goals,” and contribute thereby, to the common good?

In closing then, remember that everyday is the first day of the rest of your life, and that if last year, or even yesterday, was not too stellar for you, you can at any time, do an about-face, and start moving out in a whole new direction.

If there is any secret to happiness, or success in life, it would be that you must first consciously “choose it,” then continue to choose it, everyday thereafter.

And so regardless of what the last year brought us, (and I realize that it brought much pain for some), life always goes on, and in light of that, each of us would benefit from choosing life, light, love, joy, truth and freedom, in the coming year(s) ahead.

Happy new Year to you all.

Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.