Too Much Of A Good Thing

Here is an idea for your consideration.

When all life becomes totally joyful, that joy ceases to have any relevance or meaning.
When all life becomes totally peaceful, that peace ceases to have any relevance or meaning.
When all life becomes totally beautiful, that beauty ceases to have any relevance or meaning.

To further illustrate my point, lets pretend that there was a world-wide contest for the most beautiful painting in the world. Once the votes were cast, and a winner picked, every other painting in the world was destroyed and replaced by “the most beautiful painting in the world.”

Now, whenever you looked at a painting, you would be “assured” of seeing the most beautiful painting in the world. What could be better? Beauty everywhere you look!

Now you might be saying, “we are not trying to limit reality, just improve on it.” And to that we would say that, there can be no improvements made without making a comparison between things. Constant comparisons, result in the elimination of that which is inferior, to make way for those things which are superior, therefore, there begins a steady elimination of things, people, and ideas which become categorized as being second-rate.

What is the idea being expressed here?

It is the idea that thoughts make up the nature of our reality. They “create” our reality. Allow yourself the ability to have only “one” thought, and you are then limited to that one creation.

Once everything becomes just “one” thing then, there exists only potential diversity, not realized diversity.

In the act of wanting to clone diverse reality into a singular concept of truth, beauty, love, peace, or any other desirable attribute, we are limiting reality as a whole. One should ask themselves, why the Creator, who apparently lacks nothing, would take it’s perfectly unified self, and expand it into the reality we see all around us?

What is the motivation? Could it be that there was something within the Creator that wanted more? A dissatisfaction perhaps? What blasphemy!

Who knows. All we know is that here we are, trying to “recreate” what the creator has seen fit to uncreate. In our haste and desire to undo the thousands of years of suffering we have endured, it would be wise not to go off the deep end, and go totally in the direction of the other extreme.

Since perfection is a pipe dream, that most people never spend much time contemplating, we would do well to consider the extreme limitations that perfection would impose on the reality people are used to. Not that we have to worry about it any time soon.

Also, if God itself saw fit to alter reality, then either perfection does not exist, or it is not sufficient to capture God’s interest for an eternity.

Physical reality could be categorized as a spiritual fitness center. There you can use special apparatus to work out “specific” parts of the body. Or you can just have a “general” work out to strengthen all parts of the body at once. Some weights will be very heavy, and some will be light, however without the weights, it would not be much of a work out.

Demanding that the gym have only the lightest weights would not work for everyone’s highest good. Do you think?

Demanding that everything be either this, or that, because it is perceived to be an improvement is a trap we all fall into, myself included. Things are the way they are for a reason. The gym exists to work out in. Use the weights you feel comfortable with, and avoid the ones that are to0 heavy, that way every one will be assured of a maximum workout, suited to their abilities.