Love is expressed in many ways, by various individuals. One way that you may choose to express love, is through freedom. This means that in expressing freedom, you let go of the need to make demands on other people.

Allowing others to be who they are, totally free of any restraints or encumbrances, is the true nature of what allowing is about. This is a high vibrational level of thought, and expression.

Does this mean giving others permission to hurt you? Well that depends on your definition of hurt. It does mean, not allowing other people to place their highest good above your own, and vice versa.

As I have expressed before, the only way your wants and desires could be more important, than the wants and desires of other people, would be if “you were more important” than other people!

And, if you’re not sure, my suggestion is that you should go right up to any number of people, and ask them if they think you’re more important than they are, and seriously consider their response, to your enquiry.

Now before most people will accept the validity of a thought or action, they want it validated and corroborated, by as many people as possible, in order that they may escape being in error. This however, is not the case when it comes to their own wants or desires, in which case, they feel they only need one opinion, that being “their own,” in order to justify being in receipt of what they feel is their just due.

The more you raise your thoughts vibrationally upward, and allow them to be dominated by love, the more you leave the kind of thinking behind, which is responsible for the current state of the world.

Now, just as it would become harder to increase your muscle strength if you were to remove all the free weights from a gym, so too, would there be a limitation imposed on learning and experience, were you to eliminate choice, and the choice between love and it’s antithesis which is fear, is only possible as long as fear is present.

It’s not up to the world to eliminate fear, because it is serving a purpose. It is up to each individual to eliminate fear in their own lives, and when the last person has done that, then the service that fear has been providing, will no longer be necessary.

Allowing is a part of the learning each individual must absorb, as they make their journey out of fear toward love.

The challenge which you must rise above, is that your learning will always take place in the presence of thought and popular opinion to the contrary.

There is much support and agreement, within the confines of popular opinion, and that is why out of the box thinking has become an unattractive, and difficult task to the average person, who might want to break away from the hold the collective consciousness has over them.

The idea that there is safety in numbers, is still going strong today, to the point where very few people have the desire, energy, or resources necessary to buck conventional thinking. After all the rewards seem to be somewhat intangible, and don’t offer much of an incentive, in a society that is predominantly physically oriented.

With most people it appears to be all work, and no reward, so what’s the point?

Allowing then is based in the recognition that we are all part of the one source from which everything proceeds, and that because our origins are of a divine nature, we are only capable of forgetting that nature, not of altering it. While some may feel it is arrogance to equate yourself with God, I believe it is equally arrogant to think that you can change anything that God has personally put into motion!

Allowing is based in universal law, in that you recognize the reality inherent in living a physical life, while at the same time you are acknowledging the larger spiritual reality, and all it’s hierarchy.

Remember that before your first incarnation you were physically ignorant, and spiritually knowledgeable. With each new venture into physicality, you temporarily become spiritually ignorant, and physically and emotionally knowledgeable.

What we are trying to do is become the best of that which is physical and spiritual in nature, that we might become complete, and allowing,… which is a high vibrational concept, is part of that agenda.