Perfect Design

Here is a question for your consideration. Was humanity created perfect?

Were we created perfect in the same way that a tree, flower or fish, was created perfect? What do they need, that life does not provide naturally?

How much infrastructure do “they” need and create for themselves, in order that they may survive? Do they actually create anything that they do not need? Are they into excess in the same way we are?

Ask yourself this, do we really need doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, sociologists, chiropractors, lawyers, insurance agents, engineers, judges, priests, mechanics, plumbers? If so, why were they not provided in the beginning, when God first created man, as part of our support and infrastructure?

Have these professions provided a real service, or just caused us to have a growing dependency on them? If we could do without them in the past, why are they so indispensable today?

Technology demands specialization, and that’s okay as long as knowledge is freely shared between people, however, in a technological society where everyone is made to pay through the nose for the knowledge they don’t possess, technology has the potential to makes us slaves. If we all can not afford the help we need, when we need it, then we would be far better of without technology, than with it.

An ounce of love freely given, is worth more than a library of knowledge you can’t afford to access.