I know I’m young,
and I’ll tell you mom,
there are times
I forget to be good

And of late you and I,
don’t see eye to eye,
the way you seem
to think that we should.

But I’d like you to see,
it’s not easy for me,
to deal with the ghosts
of my past.

Trying each day,
in my own youthful way,
to find peace
and a joy twill last.

And with all of your years,
you still have your fears,
but I’m reluctant
to tell you of mine.

So I try everyday,
to smile in a way,
that will leave you
thinking I’m fine.

But I guess you can tell,
I’m not doing so well,
trying to disguise
the way that I feel.

And the things that we say,
hurt more everyday,
and are taking
much longer to heal.

So please try, if you will,
to be quiet and still,
let the love we share
fill our hearts.

If this we can do,
then you’ll never feel blue,
when I’m home
or when we’re apart.