You Are What You Think About

You are what you think about all day long.

Fighting against an injustice is a vibrationally lower attitude and activity than working for, or towards it’s alternative, justice.

You see this attitude everywhere in the fact that we are admonished to fight crime, fight tooth decay, fight the destruction of the environment, fight cancer, fight wrinkles, hair loss, and on and on it goes, till at the end of the week we are all exhausted from all the battles we have engaged in all week.

The idea that people can get to the penthouse by pushing the elevator button for the garage, is prevalent throughout or society. People understand this at one level, but do not realize that this concept applies to “all” levels, without exception.

You are, or become, the vibrational equivalent of your dominant line of thinking. No exceptions. This is how the law of attraction works. You draw thoughts, actions, and resulting experience into your life, through the intent and focus of your thoughts.

Where does feeling come in to all this? Well what is a feeling? A single event can trigger a wide range of feelings within a group of people. Can variable feelings to a singular event, really have any meaning to you except the personal meaning you overlay on that event? And is your mind and the process of thought, not the mechanism you use, to create that meaning?

Not all feelings however, are created  in the manner just described. Many come from your higher self, who may be trying to convey something to you through those feelings.

Suffice it to say that thought and feelings were made to work together in a balanced way, with neither intended to be the dominate reality. Intelligent decisions are made utilizing both sides of the brain. Irrational decisions are made using only one side of the brain.

This is why science will always lag behind, because they “as a group” will not recognize the idea or abilities that revolve around intuition. Intuition is the ability to move directly to the answer. Science says they believe in the concept of “back engineering.”

“Bull,” if they really believed in that concept, they would use intuition to move directly to the answer, and back engineer that answer to discover how to recreate a “workable” solution to a problem.

Take autistic children for example. Science can not figure out how some autistic children can move directly to the correct solution of a very complex mathematical problem. And,… since they can’t figure it out, they pretend it doesn’t happen. In the same way they choose to ignore intuition.

But I digress.

All of life was meant to be consciousness expanding, through thought, married to experience.

Focus then, always on what “you want,” and ensure that your desires are in alignment with the “highest good of everyone.”

Do this continually, and you can be assured that “while you are doing it”, you will always be on “the path.”

To those of you who may feel or see this as a “lecture” (did you think I didn’t “get it” , or maybe forgot?),… so be it.

Give it what ever meaning you so choose.