Goal Setting And Achievement

Regardless of the system you are using as a means of achieving your success, the ability to set and achieve goals is a great boon with respect to manifesting your desires. And so let us take a look at the whole process of goal setting with the idea of determining all the key factors that make up that process, and how to best use them in the most appropriate, and effective manner.

At this very moment, some of you may already have a very clear and detailed picture in your mind of your current goal(s), and others will not. For those of you who are struggling with the question of what goal to set for yourselves, (especially those who may need or want it all), we say that the easiest way to define the best goal for you, would be through the following procedure.

Take a blank sheet of paper and divide it vertically into two columns, and at the top of the left hand column write, “What I Don’t Want,” and in the right hand column write. “What I Do Want.” Now if your feeling negative or bitchy, it should be quite easy to find things you don’t want, however, we want you to be “specific” in your answer, not general.

An example of being specific is “I don’t want to be bothered by Fred at work anymore.” While a general answer would be “I don’t want people to bug me any more.”

Continue on listing all the things that you really do not want, the numbers don’t matter at this point. When your finished with your list on that side of the sheet, move over to the other side, and starting at the top, take the first thing you listed that you didn’t want, and now write what you “do” want instead. Thus, opposite “I don’t want to be bothered by Fred at work any more,” you would write “I desire harmony with Fred, my co-worker.”

Complete a list of what you specifically want, in comparison to what you have been getting, and you now have a list of goals which are unique to you and your life.

With your list of goals in hand, we will move on to the next aspect of goal setting, which is organization and prioritization. At this point, you are advised to reduce your list down to your ten most important goals, and keep this list for further reference. We will however, only be working with your top three goals from your list, and mostly with the single most important goal of those three.

Having defined and prioritized your goals, it is important to energize them through the activity of “visualization.” Remember that a goal is a thought or idea, and a written goal is nothing more than some “word symbols” strung out in a sentence, which represent thoughts, which represent your goal. Therefore, your “written” goal represents only a few, to possibly a few hundred, thoughts about your goal.

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well in actual fact, it might take literally many thousands of words to adequately describe in detail, the content of just one small simple picture. Therefore, not only do pictures of your goal represent the “exact” nature of your goal (make sure it does), but they take all the work out of trying to “visualize” your goal in your mind,…a feat which we know some of you struggle with.

You are admonished not to clutter up your picture with anything that you are not intentionally trying to manifest. If your goal is to manifest a specific model of car, then have just the car in your picture, and not a car with some beautiful lady draped over the hood, (unless that is on your list as well).

The idea here is to develop a clarity in your mind, about the exact nature of what you are trying to manifest, and it works “against your purposes” to be cluttering up your picture with additional things that you are “not” trying to manifest.

Anything in your picture that you are not trying to manifest is “added baggage,” and detracts from your intention, regardless of how beautiful, peaceful, or wholesome it may appear. We suggest if you want it that badly, then it should be near the head of your list of goals, and have it’s own picture. If it doesn’t rate as being a goal, then it doesn’t belong in your picture.

At this point you have defined and prioritized your goals, and have a clear picture either in your mind, or a physical picture (preferable), of your goal. Now the next step is to “energize” your desire through continuing “focus” on it. Thought is energy, and it differs in frequency, magnitude, and duration. In order to maximize the energy you can impart to the creation of your goal, it is necessary to utilize these three aspects of thought.

Frequency would represent the “number of times” daily that you look at your picture and think about your goal.

Magnitude is the “emotional intensity” (energy) of the feelings you have, while you are looking at your picture, and thinking about your goal.

And lastly, duration is the “length of time” that you spend in this higher energetic focused state.

Thus, when you “repeatedly” envision your goal, while feeling intense “emotion,” for extended periods of “time,” then you are energizing your goal in an optimum manner. This has the potential to push your thoughts out into the universe farther, longer, and with greater impact, than the alternative, which is to, “not” energize your goal.

Now we will say at this point that, your “number one” goal should cause you to feel joyful whenever you think about it. If it doesn’t we would question why you made it your number one goal. You can not fool your mind. Trying to pretend a goal is joyful, is like eating food that you dislike, and then saying “yum, yum” after each mouthful. It doesn’t fool your children, and it won’t work on you.

Goal achievement is not about struggle, it’s about effectively, and efficiently, manifesting something you like, want, and need. All three parts to that equation must exist, or you are laboring under a tremendous handicap.

The idea of focus then, becomes one of the most important aspects to the creative process. Focus the suns rays through a magnifying glass and it will intensify the sun’s energy enough to ignite combustible material. Change the focal length of the magnifying glass and you can hold it all day long with no result.

Life is full of distractions which compete for our time, energy and focus. Many things may come into your life later, which may even be more appealing and exciting to you, than your current goal. What to do?

Each person’s life is their own. If you desire to make the “new” desire your number one goal, then do as you feel guided to do, however, remember this. There will always be something bigger, better, and more exciting that you could create, but you can not do, or have it all in this lifetime, therefore, at some point you must sooner or later learn the value of maintaining a focus on something joyful, if you are ever going to make any headway towards manifesting your goals.

Through the process of visualizing and energizing your goal, you create the platform that the universe will use to deliver that goal to you. The universe will then use all currently existing channels of supply, in order to deliver your desire to you. This means that you can expect your desires to be delivered through other people, according to the laws in place at the time.

Too often the concept called “the law of attraction” makes it sound like your goal is being manifested out of thin air, when in actual fact that is not the case. The universe has no need or desire to create something “again,” in order for you to have your goal, when all it has to do is arrange a few chance meetings, shuffle a few “things” and “people” around, and orchestrate one or two synchronistic events, and presto,…you have your goal.

Of course we are not saying here that the universe is not capable of, or does not engage in that kind of activity. We are saying that the universe never uses any more energy to achieve a specific out come, than is required.

The process of creating and maintaining a joyful focus, creates the energy needed to manifest your desire, and belief plays a key role in all of this. Joy and belief are equal to specific vibrational frequencies, and doubt and fear are also equal to specific frequencies, unique unto themselves. Joy and belief are high frequencies, while doubt and fear are low frequencies.

Doubt works to significantly lower the available energy at your disposal, for the creation of your goal, and if it continues unchecked, it will develop into fear, an even lower vibration.

As you can see,… when you start trying to manifest your goal from an initial starting place of doubt, you are starting the race from a position far back of the starting line, where the other runners who all have “belief,” are lined up.

The key to eliminating doubt is to either find a goal you can “believe,” or to break your goal down into the smallest activity level that you can “believe” you can achieve. All success then, will work to reinforce your belief in your ability to reach your total, or main goal.

At this point we should touch on the biggest stumbling block of the creative process for most people, which is the “time” it takes for things to manifest.

Many of you quit trying to manifest your desires prematurely, because you have become discouraged at the length of time it is taking, and take that as a sign that either you are doing something wrong, or that you are not meant to have your desire.

Time is a complicated subject to the human mind. In the spiritual realms outside the “physical plane,” there is no time. Thus, whenever you think about what you want, it is created instantly. You can see the kind of problem that would create for people who are not in control of their thoughts. This is however, the way things are, and how they work.

On earth time occurs in a linear, sequential order, however, this does not alter the actual outcome. You still manifest exactly the content of your thoughts, because that is the way reality works. If however, you keep changing your thoughts and goals, then you are never giving anything the time, or energy it needs in this environment, to manifest.

How much time or energy is required is unique to each person, whose situation is different from another persons. Suffice it to say that “you” as an individual, have the greatest impact on how long something will take to manifest in your life, however, you are not the “sole” determiner of how long things take to manifest, the universe has it’s own timetable, and you are not in control of that.

We would say that in most cases, “people” are the actual reason their goal has not manifested as quickly as they had hoped. They most often work too ineffectively, and too infrequently, causing their goals to take far longer to realize than is necessary, before they finally become discouraged, then they give up.

And so we are saying here that unrealistic time frames for goal completion, are the biggest downfall for people in the whole process, with doubt being the second biggest detractor to people’s success.

We will touch on one more aspect of goal setting and achievement, and it is this. Most often, the more desirable your goal, the vibrationally higher it is from your own personal vibration. That is what makes it so appealing to you. If it was on par with your own vibration, it would feel “natural,” and not so exciting.

Having a goal so high above your own personal vibration, creates a gap that most often must be closed in order for you and your goal to harmoniously coexist together. Remember that, dissimilar vibrations affect each other, in an attempt to achieve a vibrational equilibrium, or harmony, and either you become the vibrational equivalent to your goal, or you must meet it half way, which means that it will not be as vibrationally high as you envisioned.

In a universe created and ruled by vibration, there are no shortcuts to anything, (well, very few, at most), and so you will never shortcut the system by reaping all the rewards in life, without having to raise up your consciousness at the same time.

And so, in closing we will say that it is our belief that we have covered all the major bases in the area of goal setting and achievement, and the ones we may have glossed over, are not the ones that would keep you from achieving your goal.

Therefore, we hope you find this review about goal setting and achievement, both practical, and of service.