The Apex Of Human Consciousness

The other day as I was walking in the “too soon to be winter weather,” a question popped into my head. The question was this.

What is the greatest motivating factor behind all human activity?

Normally my answer to that question would have been “man‘s instinct for survival,” and many of you probably would have said the same thing.

In the past I have said that once a persons survival needs are assured, then emotional content becomes the driving force behind all human activity, and the vibrationally highest emotion is love.

And so previously my opinion was that survival was the only thing that super-ceded love as a motivational force.

As remembrance day in Canada approaches, I began to think about all the people who had voluntarily sacrificed their lives for family and friends. Then I reflected on the number of people in all walks of life who, since the beginning of time, had sacrificed their own lives for the welfare of others.

Where was that instinct for survival in all of this I asked myself? Then it became clear to me.

The instinct for survival is the “dominant” motivating force behind all human activity, but not the “greatest.”

Love is the “greatest” motivating force behind all human activity, surpassing even the natural instinct for survival, as can be seen and verified by all the self- sacrifice on the part of humanity since the dawn of time.

Emotion then, as I have said before is the ultimate goal behind all human endeavor of any kind, and love sits at the top of the pyramid of all human emotion, therefore,…“love is the apex of all human consciousness.”