The Disenchanted Guru

Recently a situation came up for me where I was introduced to a new person of worldly stature (in their own mind) who seemed to be on a crusade not only to help all the spiritually impoverished people in the world, but who also wanted to save use all from the illegitimate actions and  untruthful content that the spiritual community in general, was foisting upon the spiritually ignorant and gullible people of the world.

I was being admonished to be very selective in what I should believe, and if in doubt, was assured that their own spiritual take on things was of the highest nature, and that if I was not able to discern for myself the difference, then perhaps I would be better off just believing all they put forth in their books (of which there seemed to be many).

Needless to say, something bothered me. Outwardly the words made it appear that everything was designed for my highest good, but inwardly I felt uncomfortable. I knew something was amiss, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Everything they said could be validated in life, and yet what they said did not represent the vast majority of what was going on in life. There was just enough truth in what they said to push people’s fear buttons, and from there they were able to supply a solution.

A few of the solutions were free, and most could be had for a nominal price.

Why am I telling you this?

Because a peaceful mind is at peace with itself, and the world. A state of peace is the starting point from which all peaceful and loving actions flow.

Disenchantment with existing reality always has the possibility of leading one eventually, to a state of peace, but is not yet that state of peace which is being sought.

A pleasing personality draws all to it by attraction, while an ego driven personality drives all to it through force.

The world is driven by a competitively based economy, which by its nature is vibrationally far below the vibrational nature of cooperation. If one is not cooperatively working with the rest of the spiritual community, then they must be in competition with it.

Competition is an ego based creation, and so functions quite well in a personality that is heavily ruled by the ego. It is a perfect vibrational alignment.

The world is what we have made of it through or thinking, although to be fair, there has been outside interference which has contributed heavily to the slow progress of humanities development.

Should one go through life with an attitude that is suspect of everything and everyone? That’s up to you. Personally I would say that there are a lot of better feeling, vibrationally higher alternatives you could choose from.

Hey,…maybe you should read this guys material, I’m sure he probably has an answer.

P.S.  On further introspection, everyone is entitled to the occasional rant, and maybe this person, and their website was just having a bad day. I think I will just remember my own personal rants, and leave it there.