Little White Lies

Sometimes truth can hurt. Not that it should, but when people have expectations which cannot always be met, then there exists the potential for emotional disharmony between people.

What are little white lies? Are they not untruths conveyed for the purpose of maintaining good relations between people? Have you ever thought about whether it was right or wrong to speak anything but the truth?

What about bigger lies? If it’s okay to tell small lies, at what point does a person draw the line? Who sets the standard as to what lies are acceptable and which are not?

Now we all can see how lies can be hurtful, but why should truth be hurtful? How can both lies and truth sometimes be the way to go, and other times both truth and lies end up having a negative effect on people?

Now the truth of the matter is that if I come up with the answer, you may or may not agree with me, however if “you” come up with the answer, are you going to argue with yourself?

Some people just don’t want to hear the truth, while other people don’t want to hear lies.That often doesn’t leave much wiggle room when a person such as myself is writing about controversial topics.

People have a mental model of how the world exists in their minds and I can vouch for that because I was one of those people. When you start telling people who have believed certain things all their life that, some of the ideas they have about reality are distorted, and others are just not true, you are rubbing their fur the wrong way.

People have been lied to so often and for so long that, they are actually happier believing the lie, because it means they don’t have to change.

In order for a person to integrate a new truth into their belief system they would have to rearrange a lot of previous beliefs in order to accommodate that new idea. It’s a lot of work.

Much of what I write is out there on the fringe of mainstream thinking, and that is not accidental. If you want to wake people up, you first have to get their attention. Once you do, then you have to treat them with respect. So how should I respect you?

Should I tell you things you’d prefer to hear that will leave you feeling good and skip the truth, or tell you what I know to be the truth and leave you feeling conflicted?

Many is the time when I was confronted by a new idea I have said “ that’s such a bunch of bs,” only to find that when I heard the same idea six months to a year later, it made perfect sense to me.

I’ll bet that I probably at one time or another have dismissed at least twenty-five percent of the beliefs I hold today, as being unbelievable.

It’s the law of life my friend, your either expanding or contracting. Nothing in the universe stands still.

So in closing I’d like to say that lies do hurt, and truth can hurt,… “but only truth will set you free!”