Peaks And Valleys

Have you noticed the swing? Some days are diamonds, some days are stones, some days the hard times won’t leave you alone ( popular song, the author escapes me).

When you feel like that stone what goes through your mind? All good stuff ? Not likely!
On days like these, you’re experiencing the tyranny of the ego mind.

Personally, when I experience this, I try to smile and remind myself that nothing is supposed to be anything or anyway, other than the way it is. It’s all a big test.

A test of what you ask? A test of energy. All life is energy, thought is vibrational energy, and so all life is about how energy creates certain conditions, and how it reacts to those conditions.

Here in Canada where we have the prairie provinces, people complain about how flat, similar and boring the scenery is, mile after mile. It puts you to sleep.

This is what happens when you encounter “sameness.” This is what would happen if you took a “good day,” and duplicated it everyday for the rest of your life.

Now, have you ever heard people talk about the west coast of Canada or the US ? They mention the beauty of the river valleys, the foothills, and the majestic mountain ranges capped in snow.

All you hear about is the diversity and natural beauty they encountered. This is the equivalent to a life of diversity, with its great days and its bad days. Yes life has its peaks and valleys, but without them what have you got? Nothing but boring prairie, or endless desert, or burning salt flats.

On those days when you would rather pull the covers over your head and let the world go by, I remind you that you have options. You can stay in bed (nothing wrong with that), or you could put a big smile on your face and decide that, just for today, you are going to be the creator of your attitude and mood.

Bad days are opportunities since you feel so “low,” to walk the valleys of life and go fishing in the river, while good days are opportunities to walk the forests, ascend the heights of the mountain and enjoy the view and fresh air. It’s all good, and it’s all just a matter of perspective.

Valleys make up a large part of both geography and your life. If you want to live fully then find something to admire about them, then you can be in a place of gratitude, about all your days.