There Are No Accidents

There is a possibility that one might forget that the country, nationality and parental lineage one experiences after incarnation here on Earth are all orchestrated by yourself prior to entry into this environment.

This means that to your higher self, none of this is a surprise.

Also because there is no time and all things occur in the now, nothing is a surprise. Thus whatever happens, becomes knowable to those who are existing outside of linear time. In this way potential reality becomes existent reality, and once it has, it becomes knowable.

Those people born into very difficult circumstances are serving all of humanity at a very high level and are acting as mirrors, reflecting back to the rest of the world it’s ego motivated behavior.

Thus seemingly tragic circumstances serve all humanity by the lesson they provide if you are sensitive enough to interpret the lesson. And if you are not, then they serve to heighten your present level of sensitivity until you one day become sensitive enough.

Death then, in this world is seen either as a tragedy or a service. Each person will die some day, and so from the higher perspective of your higher self, it would like to utilize your death in a manner that will serve others, just as it has desired to do the same with your life.

Nothing in life is functionless or purposeless, and the higher you vibrationally ascend, the greater your desire to serve the whole and the unified one.

And so in closing do not feel bad about the circumstances you were born into because you chose the initial circumstances, knowing that momentum drives things forward in its current direction, until acted upon by a strong outside force.

The ascension is that outside force, and we all have the ability to do what we came here to do.