Solving your Problems

Within this post I hope to be able to give you some additional tools capable of helping you solve your problems. This is a very large topic to accurately cover, so I will not at this time provide any background or method of use for these tools. Instead I will write the what, and leave it up to each of you to figure out the how.

It’s often been said that, “if you have a problem, that’s good.” This is because gratitude is a very vibrationally high state of mind, and toward this state, are all equally high vibrational thoughts, words, and situations attracted. Like vibrations attract.

It does not serve you to think in terms of anything as being or good and bad because they are inaccurate generalizations formed by judgment. Therefore, inaccurate thoughts about the nature of life form inaccurate beliefs, which in turn result in inaccurate judgments.

Instead learn to view life in terms of its vibrational representation, which is consistent and never varies. Everything then, is what it is vibrationally, until it is acted upon by some outside force, and opinion or judgment does not enter in to the equation.

Any situation that you currently find your self a part of, is the result of the successful application of the “law of attraction.” Good work.

Your emotions are a barometer to your current vibrational state of being. If you feel vibrationally low with regards to one of your creations, it is an indication that the vibrational nature of the creation must be low, as well as the thought processes that you used in its creation.

Since you would not intentionally (except in circumstances related to your life plan) cause your self pain, it is safe to assume you lack understanding of the creative process or control over your mind, or both.

Life circumstances gather momentum, and generally take you wherever your dominant thoughts are leading you. Reversing your direction requires no more than to align with the way things really are, instead of the way you think they are. Letting your thoughts fall back into old habitual patterns only serves to pick up the old momentum previously established.

Do not under any circumstances give any thought to that which you do not want to occur. Thinking about a situation only serves to draw it into your reality, this is one aspect of the creative process. Therefore, “start getting your mind to work for you, as opposed to against you.”

Thought is the first tool of creation, therefore, you can not take imperfect thoughts, and expect them to churn out perfectly manifested reality. Errors in your beliefs duplicate themselves as errors in your creations.

Realize that each person has a dominant personal vibration, and you do the bulk of your creating at that level. To a certain extent your life is reflective of the vibrational level you are now at, however it is always in the process of transition, that is why you are here.

Mind control is the ability to direct the activities of thought along predetermined lines for your highest good. In the case of manifesting something desirable into your life it means the ability to joyfully hold a desirable thought or picture in your mind for extended periods of time, as often as you can, until it manifests.

To solve a specific problem first be grateful for the problem because it has clarified your realization of what you don’t want. Now formulate what you do want, and set about creating it. Do not give your current situation another thought because it does not hold the ability to manifest your desire. Only and always, focus on what you do want and give your energy and time to that.

Always stay emotionally positive to neutral, once you slip below being neutral you are miscreating.

Lastly there are twenty-four hours in every day. If you even spent one full day totally joyfully focused on your desire and you didn’t manifest anything, then maybe you might be able to bitch that it didn’t work. But don’t give it a half assed attempt for ten minutes, and expect miracles.

Oh by the way, time is not a factor in this equation. You don’t make it a factor in all your undesirable creations, so why make it a factor in any of your desirable ones.

The time something takes to manifest is a function of the joyful emotional intensity of your desire, the clarity of the picture you hold in your mind, the amount of time you spend thinking and picturing your desire, and the frequency you do the aforementioned.

Lastly I would say that if you feel somebody should be worrying about your problems, then let other people worry about them, and you remain joyful to neutral (it will drive them crazy).

Remember, most of our problems were caused by those people who did not have our highest good in mind. Why would you feel sorry for them, or guilty about having been taken advantage of ?