The scientific community today is taking credit for an idea that the metaphysical community has been trying to tell people since the turn of the century. Glad you guys could finally wake up and smell the coffee.

The idea is that, everything that exists is made from one core substance which is the building block of all physical reality.

Now, for those of you who don’t want to wait around another hundred years to get the rest of the story, I will now take you exactly where science will eventually end up some time in the future.

In fact, we might as well go whole hog and give you the complete revelation while were at it. That revelation is as follows.

This core substance which science now believes is the building block of all physical matter is not supplied by GOD, it “is” GOD. This means then that literally every physical thing you can lay your eyes on is GOD in a specific format. Indigenous people of the world were far closer to getting it right than science has been.

Trees, water, sky, clouds, animals, birds, vegetation, are all GOD manifested in various forms. People especially, are God manifested in a specific form, and our connection is unbelievably close because of the Holy Spirit, who mediates between ourselves and GOD.

Only when you can get out of your logical mind, will you be able to entertain that truth.

Additionally, love is the nature of the creator, and since everything is the creator, then everything is equal to that nature.

This means that in essence, “love is all there is.” Out of this knowledge we can now expand our idea of what love is, and start including all that we think love is not.

While there is no “must” in Gods creation, there is also no exclusion either. The two go hand in hand. It is called freedom. There is no aspect of exclusion in the concept of unity.

What happens to all the yucky low vibrational stuff we have going on here, when we pass on?

Well a thing is what it is vibrationally. And when you move into a much vibrationally higher environment, such as you will find yourself in after you have passed on, then all things will be vibrationally compatible with that environment.

Anything not compatible with that new environment will remain in its natural environment surrounded by what it is compatible with. Thus nothing is ever lost, and everything has its place in GOD’S creation.

The trick is to understand that everything in creation serves a purpose, whether it appears to or not. And that includes negativity.

For example just because you may use a two hundred pound bar bell in the gym to increase your muscle strength doesn’t mean you want to carry it everywhere you go. It serves a function, but after it has served its function you don’t need it any longer.

The same can be said of all negative aspects of life. They serve to make choice available to you, and as you begin to consistently make higher vibrational choices about life, the negativity falls away because it is no longer vibrationally compatible with who you are.

Therefore, in truth you are either vibrationally compatible with evil, or you are not. Now if you are not, then you won’t think about it. However if your thoughts are frequently going in the direction of fear and negativity, then you are drawing it to you. That’s the way the law of creation works.

A truly loving consciousness is vibrationally in alignment with loving thoughts and actions, and has discarded the use of negativity because it has served it’s purpose within the mind of that individual.