Ego Friend Or Foe

How should we view the ego? Well that is a worthy question because the ego has been responsible for some of the greatest acts of human kindness, as well as for the greatest crimes against humanity.

How can this be, and what can we do if it is true?

First of all it would benefit you to understand that your ego is a natural part of your survival equipment while you are in physical form. However, just like fear, which serves a function, it has over time become distorted until it is now a dominant source of pain and discontent to the world.

Due to limited knowledge, humanity during its inception came to believe many things about life and creation that were not true.

As each new soul came into physical reality lifetime after lifetime, those erroneous beliefs about life and creation became entrenched into the collective consciousness of humanity, and became the programing about the world that each new soul adopted as their belief system.

Thus error upon error compounded itself and was absorbed by each ego, and ultimately passed onto future generations as ” the way things are”, (and the sins of the father were visited onto the sons, even unto the third and fourth generations).

Each ego then is like a computer program full of errors, running in the background of your life. As a result, today we believe ideas like “it’s okay to kill people in order to get what you desire.” Or another idea such as, “it’s okay to kill people as a means of solving your problems.”

The secret to undoing the potential negative effects of the ego is to change your programming by aligning your beliefs with the truth, instead of what your ego “says” is the truth. They are not the same thing.

There is much truth in the world however, it is scattered all over and mixed in with that which is false. Determining what is and is not the truth then, becomes a challenge for those lost in the beliefs of the collective consciousness.

Ego will  say, “you already have the truth, so don’t bother. Who are they to tell you what is true for you? You are the only one who knows what is true for you.”

Sound familiar?

Welcome to the endless chatter of the ego, the captain of your ship who keeps you endlessly grounded on the “reef” of life.

Now in all fairness some people, (light workers) have their ego in the proper place, and you can usually tell who they are. Those people are usually found serving the highest good of humanity.

So,… is the ego your friend or foe? The answer to that question is that the ego is exactly whatever you have made it through your adoption of specific beliefs, which control both the ego and your behavior.

Maintaining a fixed set of beliefs is only wise if you share, (along with GOD), the full knowledge of creation. Otherwise, you might just want to cut yourself, (and all the rest of us) a little slack by acknowledging that, there could be a couple of things you have yet to learn.