To Know And Not Do

“To know and not do, is not to know.” That saying used to really annoy me every time I heard it.

It seemed to take away my freedom to choose between one thing and another, and to limit my choice to a predetermined path. Sure I want to make the right choice, but I don’t necessarily want it shoved down my throat, and that feels like the intent behind this saying.

Over the years I have come to a different conclusion about the intent that this message is trying to convey, and now I am in alignment with its message.

As far as I understand, life is a twofold reality consisting of spirit (consciousness) and physicality (consciousness). Both exist, however, neither can be a complete existence unto themselves. Physical reality is a component part of spirit, and not a reality unto itself.

As such, there are experiences we are able to have while physical, that can not be had while we inhabit a purely spiritual form. Thus, from this we can deduce that there are two potential states of being. There is the spiritual state (knowing) and the physical state (doing).

Having drawn this conclusion, we can now plug those two words back into the equation to see the result.

To know (to be in spirit) and not do (to not interact with the physical), is not to know (is to not have the complete knowledge and experience of creation).

Also, the major value in anything is in its application in your life. Anything that you carry around with you all your life and never use (such as wisdom) is just an energy drain on your system. A things value in a physical life, lies in it’s “use” value, not its potential use value.

Therefore, having the knowledge of how to live, is not the same as living that knowledge. If you are “not” going to live the knowledge that you know, then why are you wasting energy carrying it around?

This is where the rubber meets the road.

There is no value in knowing all about love, if you never “do” love. You might just as well be ignorant of the whole concept, because the end result will be the same!

Now you know why I disliked this saying so much. It is like being forced to stand in front of a mirror and look at your real self.

“To know and not do, is not to know.”

Does it mean something a little different to you now?