Implications Of Agreement


Your agreement with other people, and their agreement with you, feels so good doesn’t it? When you voice your opinion and another says, “I agree totally with what you have just said,” how does that make you feel?

Agreement represents a vibrational alignment between two people regarding a particular thought, or subject of thought. Is this good or bad?

Well, when the whole world is in agreement that the values of love, freedom, truth and joy, represent some of the highest vibrational thoughts available to us, then it can be good.

When people are putting their own spin on those same concepts, and other people are in agreement with those unique definitions, it can be either good or bad, depending on the vibrational nature of the new definition of those values.

Agreement then, is no indicator of whether a person is right or wrong, good or bad, accurate or out to lunch. Agreement is only an indicator of vibrational alignment with a thought or idea. It does not represent that particular ideas alignment to the Creators truth, or ultimate reality, (which is another way of saying the same thing).

The only thing that defines the nature of a thought, or its physical equivalent, is its “vibrational frequency.”

Vibrational frequencies are the unique signature of the creator that defines what a thing is. If everything had the same frequency, then everything would be the same thing, and in cases where they are the same frequency, they are the same thing.

With regards to a particular vibrational frequency, you can discuss the merits, issues, and characteristics of a particular frequency all day long and when you are finished, it will still hold the same vibrational characteristics unless it is acted upon by some outside force.

Consciousness can act on physical reality and change its characteristics, but prior to being acted upon by outside forces, a thought or thing will be vibrationally what it is.

What we are saying here is that “potentially” what you think a thing is, and what it really is, based on its vibrational frequency, can be the same thing or two different things, and that getting someone’s agreement with your point of view is reflective of agreement only, and is not reflective of the accuracy of that point of view in relation to ultimate reality.

If you are inaccurate in your thinking and you somehow garner a lot of support for that point of view it actually can be detrimental (in the short-term) to your conscious development.

Take what happened in Germany during the second world war as an example. Some one had an idea and others were in agreement with that idea, does that mean that just because thousands of people were in agreement, that the idea was vibrationally high? Many other people did not think so.

The point that I am making here is that the only accurate way to determine the truth of anything is to establish its vibrational nature. The four key values of love, truth, freedom and joy, (while not being the only high vibrational values), are the most common ones we use everyday, and so represent good base standards against which one may compare other ideas.

The key to using these four values as a determiner of a vibrational rate is to realize that they are all part of the nature of the creator, and that things which are equal to the same thing (the Creator), are equal to each other. Therefore, where you find one of these four values, you will find the other three also.

There is no love without truth, no love without joy, and no love without freedom. The same applies to the other three. You either have them together in total or not at all.

Now you can apply this concept to any idea, and if any, or all four of these values appear to be missing from the “truth” which you are being told, then you can be sure that it is vibrationally lower than the Creators truth.

People have long been misled by the idea that sheer numbers is equal to right thinking. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Where or how this developed is a mystery, however you would be wise to consider its accuracy and implications for yourself.

No one can live within an allusion and not make errors in thinking, however there are tools available that can potentially thin the veil of illusion to the point that, you will begin to remember all that your higher self has been holding for you.

I hope you find this useful.

Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.